Our Philosophy

Oscar William Shoemaker – passion for men’s dress shoes.

We provide an insight into the extraordinary world of handmade shoes & Goodyear-welted shoes. It is our goal to share our knowledge about high-class footwear, to create high-quality men’s shoes in our own brand and to offer our collection at an affordable price.

Oscar William English Shoemaker is more than a fashionable Anglicism, developed by marketing experts to promote cheap shoes on the Internet. Rather, the term defines our motivation and aims.

We are committed to sparking men’s interest in Handmade shoes & Goodyear-welted, high-quality leather shoes. Over the years men’s shoes have drifted ever-lower in quality, while one of the oldest traditional crafts has withered on the vine. Goodyear-welted shoes are the almost forgotten, supreme discipline of shoemakers. At Oscar William English Shoemaker they are the passion that drives us.

Although our values might not be new, they have been allowed to drift into the past by many, as men have focused on poor-quality shoes. Only a select group of shoe-lovers appreciate the benefits of high-quality men’s dress shoes. Sadly, too many men do not recognize the long-term value of Handmade Shoes & Goodyear-welted shoes on first glance and instead opt to buy cheaper footwear.

Oscar William English Shoemaker unites shoe know-how with a belief in sharing the benefits of Handmade shoes & Goodyear-welted shoes. We want to create sophisticated designs and the highest standards for men’s footwear in our own brand, whilst playing our part in the growing renaissance of style and good taste. We cooperate directly with our first-class Turkish & Bulgarian Shoe manufacture to offer the most efficient supply possible. By cutting out the middleman and thanks to our low cost structure and our wide coverage, we can make sure to pass on savings directly to our customers. All in all, the effective distribution system of first-class Turkish & Bulgarian Shoe manufacture guarantees an incomparably fair price for Handmade shoes & Goodyear-welted men’s shoes, that usual stores are not able to offer.

We are stepping out of the ordinary and invite you to walk with us. Take a look at our homepage and you will recognize our attention to detail. For us, shoes are much more than everyday objects – Handmade & Goodyear-welted shoes are pieces of art, crafted by a master.