How to become a retailer

Oscar William has been manufacturing mens shoes, Our shoemaking has been promoting handcrafted footwear and actively promoting the appreciation of bespoke and customised shoes all over the world.

To ensure the trademark of Oscar William the retail has been restricted to retailers who can show expertise in selling our prestige items. It is also necessary for the retailer to keep the uniqueness and quality unaltered to provide a guarantee to the discerning clientele that are the customers of Oscar William Shoemaker.

Our retailers must be able to value the quality of the materials that are used and the exceptional craftsmanship involved in the manufacture of each and every pair of Oscar William shoes. They must be able to ensure the customer is informed and shown the very high standards and that they are confident of the processes used to complete the manufacturing process.

It is for these reasons above that anyone wishing to apply to become a retailer of Oscar William shoes are asked to have these visions and standards in mind before an agreement can be made. Oscar William will not consider any retailer if they cannot ensure the right experience in this area of sales.

Oscar William does not distribute to franchise shops and the retail of the shoes must be taken over exclusively by experienced companies who have had prior and successful experience in the selling of high-class luxury shoes.

For details of how to become a retailer of Oscar William shoes please complete the contact form provided on our website.

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